Executive Divorce

While we represent people from all walks of life and have systems in place to effectively represent clients who may have minimal assets, we also have significant experience representing clients in high net worth cases, which are often more complex and require more sophisticated lawyering than a typical divorce or dissolution. Frequently, a high net worth divorce or dissolution will involve one or more of the following, which we are well-equipped to handle:

  • Ownership of a business, business interest, or other similar assets that must be valued. Valuation is typically based upon expert opinions. Selecting, working with, preparing, and presenting the case using the right experts is critical, as well as effectively coordinating with an expert to weaken the persuasiveness of the opposing expert
  • Complex financial holdings/history of holdings, requiring detailed forensic research and/or tracing to determine the extent and character of the property (i.e., separate property or marital property)
  • The parties’ circumstances are such that in addition to legal issues, there must be consideration given to and coordination with other professionals regarding finances, accounting/tax related issues relative to business entities and ownership, real estate, and employee contract and benefit plans
  • Significant risk of support maintenance exposure exists for either party
  • One or both parties engage in dramatic or combative strategies

In addition to the legal expertise of our firm, we utilize a network of professionals from other disciplines such as accountants, appraisers, business consultants, pension experts, and psychologists, when necessary, to advocate on our clients’ behalf. Furthermore, we routinely employ alternative methods to the traditional domestic relations process such as private judges, mediators, and counselors in an effort to provide cost-efficient and expeditious results.