To be an effective advocate, an attorney must be
knowledgeable, motivated & trustworthy.

KNOWLEDGEABLE. The first step towards effective advocacy is the most basic step: knowing the law. Our attorneys have excellent educational backgrounds, are experienced, routinely appear in court, and are genuinely eager to continue learning. Furthermore, we maintain clear, concise, and effective writing skills, and utilize advanced technology to remain abreast of the constantly evolving law.

MOTIVATED. Our energy and enthusiasm for the practice of law is apparent in each task that we undertake for our clients. Having attorneys who are motivated to address each hurdle that stands between you and your goal is imperative. We recognize that litigation is not one-size-fits-all. We are excited by the opportunity to work with our clients to develop creative solutions and assess alternative strategies to accomplish our clients’ objectives.

TRUSTWORTHY. Clients should be able to trust their counsel and we constantly strive to ensure that our clients do. We believe that the best way to instill trust in our clients is to work openly with them and to provide timely and effective communication.

Collins & Slagle offers comprehensive counseling and advocacy for individuals and small businesses in the areas of executive divorce, probate litigation, business litigation, and personal injury/wrongful death. While providing the personal attention of a small firm, our experience, excellent staff, and cutting-edge technology, allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality legal services.  We use prompt and effective communication to assist individuals and small businesses in resolving their legal needs. We advise clients in all phases of legal issues, including planning, strategies, negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation.